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Sky Broadband in Ireland

After six long years of waiting, Sky have finally brought their broadband services to Ireland. Whether you’re a light internet user that only occasionally uses the internet or a heavy user in need of the quickest speeds, you will be able to find a broadband package that meets your needs.

Sky Broadband packages

The Sky Fibre Unlimited Broadband package is designed for heavier internet users who want to access the massive amounts of multimedia content available on the internet. It features up to 100Mb broadband speeds. This package, as the name implies, has unlimited amounts of data included.

The Sky Broadband Unlimted package includes fast and reliable broadband up to 24Mb with totally unlimited broadband and absolutely no usage caps.

The benefits of using Sky Broadband

No matter what type of internet user you are, Sky broadband has something to suit all needs:

  • Up to 100Mb unlimited broadband.
  • Totally unlimited browsing with no usage caps for those who choose Sky Unlimited Broadband.
  • No slow down of broadband speeds at any time.
  • Perfect for using with On Demand TV.
  • Includes Sky Hub broadband router.
  • Easy, no fuss upgrade and downgrade service.
  • Dublin based technical support center.
  • Keep your existing telephone number - switching is easy and hassle free.

What is the Sky Hub

All Sky broadband packages come bundled with the Sky Hub, a state of the art router packed with the latest wireless technology allowing for remarkably quick speeds. The Hub is easy to set up with a simple setup that will take only a few minutes to complete. It also has a special low power m

ode that it switches to when not in use to help save electricity.

The Sky Hub also password protects all wireless connections preventing unauthorised access and it will continually scan for interference in your home while changing its wireless settings automatically to ensure that you always get the best wireless connection possible.

The Sky Hub can also connect to compatible Sky+ boxes to give access to Sky’s On Demand services. With Sky On Demand, movies and television series can be accessed and watched at any time with HD quality video being sent through the Hub to the Sky+ box.

Switching to Sky Broadband is easy

If your house doesn’t have a telephone line, you will need to install an active eircom telephone line to operate a Sky broadband package.

If you already have a telephone line and already have broadband with another internet service provider, you may need to contact your current internet service provider and ask for your UAN (universal account number) to be able to switch to Sky broadband.

Your UAN number is an unique 8 digit number that identifies your telephone line. Most providers will display your UAN number on your bill. If you view your bills online this should also be readily available.

Once you’ve located your UAN simply contact Sky and they will be able to migrate your broadband services to Sky Broadband.

Most Sky Broadband installations are completed in 15 days or less. Sky will set up your telephone line and configure it for Sky Broadband and they’ll send out a Sky Hub so that you can connect to the service.

Sky Hub installation

Installing the Sky Hub is easy. Simply plug the included micro filters into your telephone sockets and then plug the Hub in. Make sure to connect your Sky+ box to the Sky Hub if you have one. The Hub will then connect to the broadband and start broadcasting it wirelessly using WiFi.

If you have any problems, Sky has a new state of the art customer support center in Dublin, ready and waiting to lend a hand.

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