Switching Broadband

Many people think switching broadband provider is really hard work. In fact, it only takes a few minutes and not only could it save you money, you may get better features and services, too. The below guides explain everything you need to know about switching.

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Switching broadband providers

Switching is quick and easy, so why not see if there’s a new deal that could suit you?

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Switching Broadband

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Pros and cons of getting a landline phone with your broadband plan

Whether or not you opt for one will depend on a number of factors.

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Broadband consumer rights

For any product you buy - or service you sign up to - it’s really important that you’re aware of your consumer rights.

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Understanding broadband charges

Knowing and understanding what’s on your bills is really important, so you can be sure you’re being charged correctly.

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Broadband modem connected to TV for streaming content

Best broadband for streaming

Streaming is becoming more and more popular all the time, with many people even ditching their usual TV packages and music players in favour of a subscription to a TV or music streaming service.

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Two boys hands with games controllers playing video games

Best broadband for online gaming

What do you really need to look for if you need broadband that's suitable for online gaming? We've got all of the information you need...

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A guide to choosing broadband

With all of the choice on the market at the moment, choosing a new broadband deal can seem like a daunting task, but this guide can help.

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