If you want the best of TV in one place, from heart-racing dramas to exhilarating sports, Sky TV is the ideal option for you.

What does Sky TV offer?

Encompassing revolutionary advances in television, Sky TV boasts up to 63 high definition channels and programming in eye-opening 3D, giving you the best possible viewing experience. In addition to this, you have the award-winning Sky News, Sky Movies Premier, an extensive collection of Sky Sports channels and Sky Atlantic at your fingertips.

Enhance your Sky TV experience with a Sky+ box which lets you pause, rewind and fast forward live digital TV and gives you the option to store around 185 hours of programming to watch at your convenience. If you have an HD-ready TV and have signed up for the Sky HD package, you can pause and record shows in stunning high definition with the Sky+HD box.

Sky Broadband explained

If you’re impressed with what Sky TV has to offer, why not take a look at Sky broadband? You can enjoy a reliable high speed connection reaching up to 24Mbps and with unlimited broadband deals available, worrying about exceeding monthly usage will become a thing of the past.