Avant Money credit cards

Avant Money offers two credit cards to borrowers in Ireland. They share some great features, but one may be more suitable than the other, depending on your situation.

One card

This card is good for transferring another card balance to, making purchases and doing money transfers during the interest free periods.

You can find out more about its features by going through to the provider’s site.

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Reward+ card

The Reward+ card lets you you choose the benefits you need most, you can pick one introductory offer and one ongoing everyday reward.

First, choose either of these introductory offers:

  • 0% on purchases for 1 month, 0% on balance transfers for 2 months and 0% on money transfers for 3 months
  • €30 bonus to cover the annual Government Stamp Duty levy

Next, pick from these two ongoing rewards:

  • 15% of your monthly interest back on any purchases you make
  • 1.25% cashback on your retail and entertainment purchases

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Why should you choose an Avant credit card?

As well as the benefits outlined above, Avant cards also offer:

  • Access to Advantages loyalty programme
  • Secure online shopping with 3D Secure 2 factor authentication
  • Up to 56 days of no interest on purchases*
  • The option to add three extra cardholders to your account for free
  • The ability to track your spending using your My Avant Money account

*You need to pay your balance off in full and on time each month

Check if an Avant credit card is right for you by comparing them against other cards using our comparison.

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What is the Advantages loyalty programme?

It gives all Avant credit card customers access to:

  • over 300 offers
  • discounts and cashback offers from hundreds of your top pick brands
  • exclusive experiences and competitions with big prizes up for grabs
  • a bank of courses, blogs and articles

You’ll need to register your card and set up your online Avant Money account. Once you’ve done this, you can sign up for Advantages and start banking your rewards.

How to do a balance transfer

If you’ve got other credit card balances you’re paying interest on, it’s easy to do a balance transfer and move what you owe over to Avant Money.

Simply call with the details of the card and balance you’re transferring over and Avant will sort the rest.

The cut off for next day transfers is 14:30 in the week, after that or during weekends and public holidays it’s two working days.

More about Avant Money

They started out under the brand name of MBNA, then Avantcard and now Avant Money and they’re supported by their Spanish parent company, Bankinter.

They offer mortgages, credit cards and personal loans and what they do is underpinned by their five core values: Simplicity, Teamwork, Caring, Trust and Daring.

Avant Money credit card FAQs

Is there an Avant credit card app?

Yes. My Avant Money lets you manage your accounts online or via an app.

You can do things like view your payment history and statements whenever you like.

How long will my Avant credit card take to arrive?

It will take 5 to 7 working days to reach you from when you order it.

How many rewards can I earn?

You can earn a maximum of €12 cashback and €24 in interest refund per month.

When will I get my cashback or interest refund rewards paid?

You’ll get them the following month, for example, whatever you earn in March will be credited in April and show on your statement.

How do I do a money transfer from my Avant card?

If you need to transfer funds from your credit card directly into your current account, just call the Avant Money team and they will arrange it all for you.

Call before 14:30 in the week and the funds will be transferred in one working day. After 14:30, at the weekend and on bank holidays it’s two working days.

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Information provided and Interest rates quoted valid at 05/005/2021