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6 reasons your WiFi is so slow - and how to fix them

Is your WiFi slow? Here are some things that could help...

There are many reasons why your WiFi could be slow - read on to find out the main ones, and what you can do to improve your speeds.

1. The signal from your modem is blocked by something

Make sure the modem is not encased in a cabinet or stuck in behind a bookcase or sofa that that may block the signal. You should also ensure the modem is not near devices that could interfere with it, like microwaves, baby monitors or cordless phones.

2. Your router is not in the room where you use WiFi most

It may sound obvious, but the further you get from your modem, the slower the WiFi will be. If you mainly use WiFi for streaming TV in the living room, make sure your modem is in this room, too. If it’s not possible to move your router - due to cables or something similar - contact your provider and see if they can move it for you.

3. Your modem is a few years old

Newer modems tend to perform better in terms of projecting signal throughout the home. If you haven’t replaced your modem in a number of years, give your broadband provider a call and explain the issue to them - they may upgrade you to a newer model.

4. You live in an area that has lots of wireless modems in close proximity

If you live in an apartment building or an area with lots of wireless modems - and lots of devices - you might experience some wireless interference. Reboot your modem - by unplugging it, leaving it for 30 seconds and plugging it back in - and the most appropriate channel will automatically be selected, which should help.

5. You have a high number of devices connecting to the WiFi at once

If you have a large number of devices connected to the WiFi, this will affect its performance, so you should see an improvement if you disconnect any devices you’re not using. It could also be that one of your devices is causing an issue. Try disconnecting all of your devices one by one to see if there’s a particular one that’s causing you a problem.

6. Your broadband connection is slow

If you have slow broadband in general, your WiFi will obviously be impacted by this. Test your broadband speed a number of times, at various times of day, to get an overall idea of your average speed, and contact your provider if you’re not happy.

If your provider can’t help, look around and see if you can find a better broadband deal. The speeds that are achievable vary hugely depending on the type of connection you have - for example ADSL broadband will be slower than Fibre-to-the-Home - so moving to a provider that offers a different type of connection, if possible, might be the best bet.

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