The Sky Soundbox new all in one sound system from Sky and Devialet

The Sky Soundbox is on the way - and it’s impressive

Sky has teamed up with Devialet to launch the Soundbox

This morning, Sky hosted a demo of the Sky Soundbox.

What is the Sky Soundbox?

The Sky Soundbox is Sky’s new all-in-one sound system, developed in conjunction with French audio company Devialet.

With the advent of slimmer and slimmer TVs, sound quality has been deteriorating over the last few years - so the Sky Soundbox aims to close the gap between image and sound quality.

Sky says this is the next logical step in terms of ensuring its TV experience is the best in the world.

What are the key features of the Sky Soundbox?

Firstly, as part of the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign, Sky has committed to reducing its use of single-use plastics. As such, the Sky Soundbox casing is completely free of single-use plastics.

It comes in at 37.5cm wide x 21 cm deep and 9.5cm high. Sky and Devialet recommend placing it on your TV cabinet for the best effect, so you’ll need to clear some space.

Sky Soundbox

It has six 3-inch woofers in dual push-push configuration, which means the vibrations cancel each other out and don’t impact on sound quality. It then has three full-range speakers in 120 degree configuration, meaning a 360 degree sound experience, without the need for a sub-woofer or extra speakers.

Two of the speakers are placed on either side at the back of the Sky Soundbox. These speakers bounce the sound back against the wall behind the TV and around the room. The third speaker sends audio forwards - any dialogue comes through that speaker.

Does the Sky Soundbox make a difference to sound quality?

In a word, yes. At the demo, Sky showed clips from a range of different movies and sports, both with and without the Sky Soundbox switched on, and it made a massive difference - if you’re into cinema-style sound at home, this could be for you.

It has dynamic volume management, which analyses incoming audio in real time and adjusts the volume levels to ensure clarity. A clip of Skyfall, which went from dialogue to gun shots in seconds demonstrated this perfectly - there was no need for the usual scramble for the remote to turn down the action, and then turn it back up afterwards to hear the dialogue.

There are lots of different settings you can use on the Sky Soundbox, including:

  • Dialogue Enhance Mode which ensures speech is clear and defined - even if there’s a lot of background noise. This was demonstrated with a clip from Interstelllar, where the noise of the jets didn’t drown out the dialogue.
  • Late-night mode which decreases bass and enhances quiet dialogue.
  • Kids mode, which allows limits the maximum volume levels.

All customers can use these features, but it’s even easier for Sky Q customers, as they won’t even need to readjust their settings. There’s a mode called ‘Q Sound’, which automatically chooses the right settings depending on what you’re watching.

Sky Q Sound was exclusively designed by Devialet - it uses meta data and real-time info and adjusts the sound to suit what you’re watching.

At the demo, clips of F1 and the Premier League were used to demonstrate this feature, and the difference in quality was really evident. With the Premier League game, the noise of the crowd and players kicking the ball was much clearer, while with the F1 the engine sounds were really powerful.

Can I use the Sky Soundbox to play music?

Unlike many soundbars, you can connect to the Sky Soundbox using Airplay or Bluetooth, which means you can play music or podcasts from your phone without needing to turn on the TV.

How much is the Sky Soundbox and when can I get it?

The Sky Soundbox will be available from next month, and it comes in at €949.

However, current and new Sky customers get a great deal, as they can purchase it for €349. And if you’re a Sky Q Multiscreen customer, you’ll get it for just €299.

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I’m not a Sky customer

If you’re not a Sky customer, but you do want to avail of discounts on the Sky Soundbox, you could consider signing up with them.

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