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ComReg survey finds divide between urban and rural broadband speeds

Survey also found rural panellists were not satisfied with average speeds they received

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) last week published the results of a survey on broadband speeds in Ireland called “Broadband Test and See”.

ComReg worked with Epitiro Ltd consultants to measure user experience; to gather information on actual broadband speeds being experienced across 25 counties, and to provide ComReg with a national overview of broadband speeds experienced across a range of platforms.

The survey also measured actual speed received on a PC or laptop inside the home, as opposed to the speed being delivered to the house or dwelling. It found that average fixed speed for urban panellists was 28.9Mbps; while rural panellists received a speed of 7.2Mbps.

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Fixed urban panellists who said they were very satisfied with their broadband service experienced an average speed of 45.2Mbps; while the average speed experienced by rural panellists who said they were not satisfied with their service was 4.3Mbps.

The average download speed experienced for wired connections was 32.6Mbps while for Wi-Fi connections it was 17.9Mbps.

83% of fixed broadband panellists surveyed were either satisfied or very satisfied with their broadband service while 17% were not satisfied.

The survey was conducted in Q4 2014, and measured the actual speed experienced by a group of 470 panellists on their PC or laptop.

Testing was limited to broadband users in Ireland among the following ten service providers - Digiweb, eircom Ltd., eMobile/Meteor Mobile Communications Ltd., Imagine Telecommunications Ltd., Magnet Networks Ltd., Sky Ireland, Three Ireland (Hutchison) Ltd., UPC Communications Ltd., Vodafone Ireland Ltd. (at home) and Vodafone Ireland Ltd. (mobile).

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