Broadband speeds are getting faster and faster, and thanks to fierce competition in the broadband market the prices are coming down all the time. It's now possible to get good deals on high-speed broadband almost anywhere in Ireland, which is great news for the consumer.

Like much of Ireland, there are plenty of good deals on broadband in Dublin 4 to be found, it's just a case of finding the right deal and the right package.

Broadband Providers Dublin 4

There are a number of internet service providers that offer broadband packages in Dublin 4, with each of the big providers offering a number of different packages. Some of the larger providers in the area include:

The type of package to go for will depend on your preferences. Some people only want the highest speeds while others may prefer to sacrifice the highest speeds for a lower cost alternative. Price, speed, download usage and length of contract are usually the main factors to consider when it comes to your broadband choice.

The cheapest broadband in Dublin 4

For consumers on a budget, the only thing they're concerned about when it comes to broadband is cost, cost, cost. Prices are coming down all the time, meaning that there are plenty of cheap broadband options in Dublin 4.

For the absolute cheapest broadband in Dublin 4, consumers need look no further than Magnet and, more specifically, the Magnet Fatpipe Fibre 24 broadband package.

This broadband package will cost you €20.00 per month, saving you money in the long run against other more expensive options. For a lower price however, with lower cost broadband packages you will often get lower download speeds and or lower download limits compared with most higher spec packages.

The fastest broadband in Dublin 4

Many broadband users, especially those who watch videos online or download a lot of films and TV shows, are looking for speed over price. Broadband speeds are getting faster all the time, making it cheaper than ever to access high-speed internet.

The fastest broadband in Dublin 4 is with Virgin Media and its Fibre Power Broadband 360Mb package, which offers speeds of up to 360Mb. This is a good speed and at €49.00 a month is still very competitively priced.