Person holding a tablet and swiping with eir banner logo in front

Sign up to eir broadband and phone and get €50 cashback

Customers who sign up to eir broadband, TV and home phone plans will get a free tablet.

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen some price increases from broadband providers, but it’s not all bad news as there are still good deals to be found on the market - especially for those switching provider.

Earlier this week, eir launched some new offers, which might be of interest to anyone looking to switch to a new broadband and phone or broadband, TV and phone deal.

€50 cashback on eir broadband and phone plans

Until the end of November, anyone signing up to the eir Broadband & Unlimited Mobile and UK Calls + eir Sport or Broadband & International Calls + eir Sport plans will get €50 cashback.

Both of these plans have 12-month contracts, and there is also a six-month discount available on both plans, which means customers who sign up will save €246.

Don’t forget, if you sign up to eir broadband, you’ll also get access to eir Sport absolutely free - which could be tempting for sports fans.

You’ll need to sign up to this deal by the end of the month in order to avail of the cashback - if you do, the cash will be paid to you via PayPal once your cooling-off period is over, so you’ll need to have or set up a PayPal account.

Free tablet when you sign up for broadband, TV and home phone

If you’d rather include your TV in the bundle, eir has some triple-play deals that you could consider.

There are savings of up to €276 available on these plans at the moment, and if you sign up by the end of the month, you’ll also get a 10.1-inch tablet absolutely free.

And, of course, eir Sport is also included in these bundles, meaning you’ll get access to loads of sporting action free, too.

In order to redeem the tablet, you need to wait until all the elements of your bundle have activated and your 14-day cooling-off period is over. After this, eir will send you your unique voucher code to redeem your tablet.

You then just need to follow the redemption instructions in the email and eir will deliver your tablet right to your home.

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