Satellite dish on top of a house to provide satellite broadband

Are you a Q Sat customer? You’ll need to switch provider by 31 May

Service will slow down from 31 May.

Last week, it was announced that broadband provider Q Sat is shutting down, due to a dispute.

Next Wednesday (31 May) the service provider, Avanti, will start to slow down the broadband service for Q Sat customers, so they will need to find a new broadband plan in order to operate at full speed. Avanti says it has been in touch with Q Sat’s customers regarding next steps and their options, including an option to switch to plans from UK provider, Bentley Walker.

Q Sat provided satellite broadband, which means its customers didn’t need access to fibre or a phone line in order to sign up. A major benefit of satellite broadband is that it can provide an internet connection to any home, which can be particularly important in more remote areas.

As such, any former Q Sat customers looking for a new deal may want to look at other satellite broadband providers in the first instance.

Satellite broadband deals with Europasat Ireland

One of the main satellite providers in Ireland is Europasat, and the company has said that it will migrate Q Sat customers over to it free of charge.

Not only that, but Europasat also provide a higher ‘up to’ speed service and data allowance on certain packages. Some of the deals they have available include:

  • Europasat SES L, which has speeds of up to 20Mb and download allowance of 10GB. This plan is reduced to €19.95 for the first 3 months, and €39.99 thereafter, saving you €60, exclusively on
  • Europasat SES XL, which again comes with speeds of up to 20Mb, but has a higher download allowance of 20GB. There’s also a exclusive saving on this plan - it’s €24.99 for the first 3 months and €49.99 after that.

Meanwhile, the Europasat Pro 30 plan also has speeds up to 20Mb, with a download allowance of 30GB.

This plan is also reduced for 3 months, exclusively on, and is worth taking a look at if you think a higher download allowance would suit you better.

All of the above plans have up-front installation costs of €169, but Europasat has said it will waive these fees for Q Sat customers who switch to Europasat by 31 May.

Satellite broadband and unlimited downloads

Satellite packages generally have a cap on downloads, so if you live in a household with a large usage, that could be an issue.

However, the Europasat Pro Unlimited plan could be a solution. It offers speeds of up to 20Mb and unlimited downloads, so there’ll be no worries about running down your allowance halfway through the month.

The plan is currently reduced to €79.99 per month for the duration of the contract, going up to €99.99 per month after this. This represents a saving of €480. This offer lasts until 30 June, and again the installation cost of €169 will be waived for Q Sat customers who switch to Europasat by 31 May.

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