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Are you happy with your home broadband?

Less than half of Irish consumers are...

New research published today by Switcher.ie shows that customer satisfaction with home broadband has fallen since last year - down from 54% to 47%.

And with the drop in satisfaction has come a rise in the numbers switching broadband, with 28% saying they’ve switched in the last year.

However, what this still means is that many of us who are not satisfied with our broadband are still not switching. There may be a perception that switching is too much hassle, but it actually only takes a few minutes to compare deals using Switcher.ie’s free broadband deal checker.

If I’m switching broadband, what should I look for?

The research found that, for those who do switch, price of the package and broadband speed are the biggest factors they take into account.

So, when you’re comparing deals, you’ll probably want to consider these factors as well.

Customers are also increasingly concerned with the provider’s reputation and reliability, so you might want to ask around your friends and family to see if any of them have had good experiences with particular providers, too.

Remember, providers advertise ‘up to’ speeds, and this isn’t a guarantee of the speed you will get, so be sure to consider the type of connection before you sign up.

Alternatively, if you’re happy with your current broadband deal, but you have specific issues - for example with the speed or the call package you have alongside your broadband - contact your provider and see if there’s anything they can do for you.

Sometimes, simply replacing the modem or making a few small changes to the settings can really help in terms of broadband performance.

”Broadband providers have to get it right for consumers”

Speaking about the research, Eoin Clarke, Switcher.ie’s Managing Director, said: “Broadband providers have to get it right for consumers, as more and more people regard high-performance broadband as a household essential.”

He also said that people who stick with their providers - even when they’re unhappy with their broadband performance - could be missing out on better service, faster speeds and huge cost savings.

He added: “On top of the savings and potentially faster speeds, customers who take the time to compare plans could also nab themselves extras like free Netflix or access to eir Sport. And people who bundle their broadband with other products could get an improved phone plan or TV deal, too.”

So, if you’re not happy with your broadband at the moment, take some time to compare deals, see what your options are, and switch if you find a product that better suits your needs.

Don’t forget to let your current provider know that you intend to cancel your contract. If you don’t give the required notice - or if you’re still within your contract’s minimum term - you may be charged a penalty, so this is really important.

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