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Can’t get Sky where you live? Here are some alternatives to Sky TV

If you live somewhere that isn’t serviced by Sky, we’ve got information on some other options.

Sky TV is generally considered best in class, with a wide range of channels and access to shows like Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic, before they’re available anywhere else.

But there’s a serious battle going on in the TV market at the moment, and providers like eir, Virgin Media, and Vodafone all have great packages available, too.

So, if you’re living in an apartment building or an area not serviced by Sky, fear not, there’s definitely an option out there that should suit you.

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eir Vision

If you’re an eir broadband customer, you can get a great deal at the moment.

eir is offering eir Vision TV essential free for six months, when any eir broadband customer chooses to add TV onto their broadband package for 18 months.

The price after six months is €15 per month, so this plan will cost you €90 in the first year. The contract length is 18 months.

With eir Vision TV essential you will get:

  • 55 channels, including all the BBC Channels, UTV Ireland & Disney channels;
  • Free eir Vision+ box, with up to 375 hours recording time;
  • The ability to pause, rewind and record live TV; and
  • Free connection and free installation.

Customers who sign up will be able to watch TV anywhere for free, with eir Vision Go, and will also have access to over 1,000 movies.

In addition to this, broadband customers already get access to the eir Sport pack for free. Anyone adding on TV to their broadband plan will be able to watch eir Sport 1 and 2, plus 4 BT Sport channels, through their eir Vision box.

Virgin Media Horizon

Virgin Media’s Virgin Mix TV plan offers:

  • 50 channels, with 17 in high definition; and
  • Replay TV. which allows you to catch up on your favourite programs from the last 7 days.

With this plan, you also get access to Virgin Media Movies and Box Sets - which has thousands of hours of box sets and movies on demand - and Virgin Anywhere TV, which allows you to watch live TV on the move.

You can also record 4 shows at one time, and watch a fifth live.

This plan costs €10 per month for the first 4 months, and €30 per month thereafter. The contract lasts for 12 months, so the cost for the full contract would be €280.

Virgin Media also offer free installation, so there are no upfront costs to worry about.

If you’d like to bundle your products, so you’re dealing with one provider for your broadband and TV, you can get the 240Mb and Virgin Mix TV plan from Virgin Media for €35 per month for the first 6 months. After this, it goes up to €85 per month, so the contract cost comes to €720.

Vodafone essentials

Another deal for those who like to bundle is Vodafone’s TV + Simply Broadband package, which gives you:

  • Unlimited 100Mb broadband;
  • 56 channels, including Irish & UK favourites, news, documentaries, and kids TV;
  • Free Netflix or the eir Sport pack for the first 6 months; and
  • Free Vodafone TV Box, modem & connection.

It costs €40 for 6 months, and €70 thereafter, on an 18-month contract.

Other options to think about

If you also need broadband and a home phone, you could consider a triple-play bundle from any one of these providers.

This means getting broadband, TV and home phone all from the same provider, which can often work out cheaper than purchasing them all separately.

It also means you’ll just be dealing with one provider, rather than several, which can be convenient.

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