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eircom announce price increase from April 2015

eircom follows UPC and Sky with a series of price increases to impact broadband and phone customers

eircom will increase its prices for existing residential customers for the first time in four years, following the lead of other prominent broadband providers.

Changes will appear on bills from 15 April 2015 as the communications provider becomes the third firm to increase its prices this year; following similar announcements from Sky and UPC.

The company will send notifications detailing the changes to customers who will have up to 30 days from the issue of the notice to withdraw from their contracts without any form of penalty.

eircom Consumer Managing Director Jon Florsheim highlighted the efforts the firm’s made to invest in Ireland’s infrastructure so that customers get “real value” in services. “The best way for customers to maximise savings is to bundle their services together,” he said.

Details of the price increases

Monthly subscriptions for eircom’s residential customers with double, triple or quad-play bundles will increase by between €2 and £8 per month, including VAT, while a customer with home phone Talk Anytime and eFibre unlimited broadband will experience monthly increase between €5 and €8.

Price changes will depend on the specific bundle and broadband package as well as when customers signed up with the provider.

Those who signed up after 01 August 2014 will pay €5 more per month, equating to a €2 increase for broadband and €3 rise for the phone part of the bundle, while customers who signed up before this date will pay €8 extra per month – €5 more for broadband and €3 more for phone. eircom has suggested that the average increase in price will be €5 per month, although some off-peak home phone packages may only increase by €3. Line rental charges will not increase as part of these changes.

Sky and UPC price rises

Following in the footsteps of Sky and UPC eircom is not the only company to increase their prices – both Sky and UPC will charge more for their TV bundles from 01 February following previous increases in Spring 2014.

Sky Original Pack and Sky Variety will go up €1 and €2 per month respectively with no price increases planned for its various TV add-ons. UPC’s Value TV package will cost €1 more per month with a similar increase noted for their Horizon Max package.

Horizon Select Extra will increase by €4 while some movies and sports subscriptions will rise by €3. In addition to the rise in Horizon TV packages, UPC has also upped the price on some Sports and Movie package add ons while their core broadband services remain unaffected.

Eoin Clarke, Head of says;“Rising costs are an industry-wide problem that’s getting worse, year after year. Our broadband and TV services are, in most cases, a requirement at home, so many of us have little choice but to pay the increase. “While providers are working hard to keep services such as broadband as competitive as possible, we are seeing additional costs this year.

“If you use a landline, broadband and TV, there are some good discounts to be had this month. “It is good housekeeping to regularly review your broadband and tv services, to check when your contract is up and make sure you are getting the best deal. If you have TV and home phone with your broadband provider, it’s worth doing your research and take advantage of low introductory offers, as this could make you some significant savings. “Households can save up to €300 per year if they bundle and switch to a new provider.”

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