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Fastcom has signed an open access agreement with open eir

This deal gives Fastcom access to over 100,000 premises in the west and northwest of Ireland.

According to the Mayo Advertiser, the Sligo-based telecommunications company Fastcom has signed an open access agreement with open eir.

Fastcom has already run a radio broadband pilot roll-out in the west of Ireland. Now, this new agreement means that the provider can access open eir’s fibre-enabled networks and deliver high-speed broadband to 135,000 premises in the west and northwest.

As part of the new agreement, Fastcom will offer customers a 6-month broadband contract.

The majority of contracts are now 12-18 months, so this shorter contract might appeal to customers looking for more flexibility.

The Advertiser says that Fastcom hopes to double its telecoms customer base in the next two years.

Speaking about the new deal, Fastcom’s Managing Director, Ross Palmer, said that the business is aware of how vital broadband is to rural economies and communities.

He added that rural communities in Ireland feel “left behind” by the digital revolution and said the new deal means that Fastcom “now offer the most extensive high-speed broadband network in the west and northwest of Ireland”, which will allow the company to “help power rural Ireland’s digital growth”.

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