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Imagine introduce Ireland’s cheapest broadband and phone deal

magine replace existing broadband and phone offers with new, more affordable alternative

Broadband consumers in Ireland can now experience the very best value in internet technology as Imagine have revamped their 4G WiMax broadband and phone offering.

The broadband and phone provider’s latest deal is available across Ireland from today, and costs only €19 a month. As a result, the deal represents the cheapest available broadband and phone package for Irish customers, who can experience up to 10Mb unlimited broadband with Wi-Fi capabilities. Activation has been cut in a bid to make the package more affordable for families and students.

The connection fee will be €100 while students are eligible for a further half price discount with the installation (worth €25). Ciaran Doyle, Marketing Director for Imagine commented: “We thought we would give people the opportunity to be able to get affordable high speed broadband with phone without having to pay for a phone line or a TV package. “That’s why it’s only €19. So it’s ideal for everyone from students to families. We are also offering students a half price connection.”

The lowest cost broadband and phone deal

Imagine’s three current broadband and phone deals are being replaced, with new customers set to experience the added benefits of its all-encompassing 4G WiMax service at the lowest possible cost. With the new deal, customers can now make a substantial €317 cost saving in year one compared to the previous 10Mb WiMax Anytime offer.

The new deal will cost customers only €278 over 12 months compared to €595 for the previous 10Mb WiMax Anytime package. Currently this represents the cheapest unlimited broadband and phone deal in Ireland. Including the initial €100 installation fee this works out at  - some €72 and €74 cheaper on a yearly basis than both Sky and UPC’s respective entry level unlimited broadband and call bundles. The broadband features with the new Imagine offer remain the same, with customers getting up to 10Mb unlimited broadband.

Imagine are also planning to introduce an exciting new smartphone app, which will work in tandem with the new broadband and home phone offer.

Customers who download the app will be able to use their free calls, and 3c calls to 30 international destinations from their mobile devices.

The new app will be available as a free download and will be launched in the next few weeks.

4g WiMax broadband

WiMax is a 4G wireless technology which enables customers to enjoy all the benefits of a home phone and internet service, but with no line rental charges.

It operates across radio waves providing a quick and reliable service via dedicated bandwidths for the network’s phone and internet options. Due to its nature it is possible to remove internet black spots as WiMax from Imagine is not limited to locations with DSL and cable services.

Previously, it was unaffordable for companies to install cables in remote locations, which meant a drop in services in those areas, but WiMax is capable of overcoming these difficulties with the use of its 4G wireless network.

With many people trying to get the most for their money, Imagine’s new broadband and phone deal represents a very attractive and affordable option for people looking to get quick and reliable access to the internet.

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