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Latest research from Sky Broadband reveals people spending more time online than ever before

Social media, streaming content and reading the news are the most popular reasons for jumping online.

New research from Sky Broadband has shone a light on the online habits of Irish consumers - with browsing social media highlighted as the nation’s favourite online past-time.

Just under a third (31%) of us are most often found accessing our social media channels (spending around two hours a day on social media) whereas 19% of us prefer to access the internet to check the news. Streaming and downloading on demand content has also become more popular with 10% admitting our favourite thing to do online is watch box sets. Some real fanatics (11%) even admit to regularly watching a whole TV series in less than a day.

This new research has been released in conjunction with the launch of Sky Fibre Ultra, which brings broadband speeds up to 1Gb into customers’ homes from €40 per month.

With the ever-growing demand for constant, uninterrupted online browsing, it’s important that we have access to superfast speeds to stay connected without any interferences.

If you experience lagging broadband speeds it might be time to look into switching your broadband provider - by doing so you could not only get a better connection but also get a better deal and save yourself some money at the same time.

Switching broadband

The home is where a lot of us do the most of our online viewing - whether it be browsing Facebook, watching Youtube videos, online shopping or watching Netflix. It is often the case where you have multiple family members or housemates on a number of devices all using the connection at the same time. If you aren’t getting fast broadband speeds this can affect the connection to all devices within the home. You can run a speed test on to get an idea of the speeds you are getting with your current broadband service.

Run a broadband speed test

It’s worthwhile checking to see if you can get a broadband package with faster speeds to help combat this issue. There are plenty of packages on offer so it’s recommended you do your homework before signing up to make sure you will be getting the best service for the best price.

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