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New features launched on UPC’s Horizon TV

UPC showcase new features and functions of their Horizon TV services

Since the launch of Horizon TV in August 2013, UPC claim to have been listening to and implementing customer feedback on their popular digital TV service in order to make improvements and introduce new and useful features.

Some of the new features include an option to delete an entire series of recordings or bookings instead of just one episode at a time as well as the choice to skip through the TV guide by day, as opposed to by hour.

Customers can now also benefit from “Favourite Mode”  in the settings menu, meaning they can now choose to view only their favourite channels when viewing the TV guide listings, as well as assign their preferred channels to the numbers on the remote control.

For existing customers, the updates have been automatically updated on your Horizon TV HD+ box with UPC hoping to enhance the Horizon TV experience.

However, UPC is recommending that customers who are using the Horizon Go app, to make sure they have the most up to date version, in order to get the most out of the features it offers.

New customers can find out what else the Horizon TV experience includes by visiting Virgin Media’s latest deals page on Switcher.ie today.