Paul Connell CEO of Pure Telecom

Pure Telecom survey finds only a third of Irish people trust social media to protect their data

Millennials are more trusting than older generations

A new survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Pure Telecom shows that only one in three Irish people (31%) trust social media to protect their personal data.

As a result, a quarter have deactivated at least one of their social media accounts due to privacy and data misuse concerns.

The survey shows that millennials are more trusting of social networks with their data, compared to those in older age groups. This is perhaps unsurprising, given that this generation grew up with social media.

Data is a really hot topic at the moment, especially following on from the implementation of GDPR earlier this year.

As a result of this directive, you’ve probably seen more privacy notices and updates than ever before in recent months. However, if you actually read these in full, you’re in the minority - the research found that only 14% of respondents do so.

A third of people accept privacy updates after skimming the information and a further quarter accept them without reading them at all. Meanwhile, 13% take no notice at all of privacy updates.

This is partly down to the content of these updates - 35% of people find them too confusing, while 29% think they are overly time-consuming.

When it comes to privacy settings in general, however, people do seem to be thinking about them more. This really came to the fore with the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook story back in March, when many people realised third-party apps had access to their data through the social network.

Within the last month, 28% of people have changed their privacy settings on social media, with a further 16% adjusting theirs some time during the last three months.

Speaking about the findings, Pure Telecom’s CEO, Paul Connell said that there’s never been as much of a focus on the privacy of social media users and the security of their personal data.

If you haven’t reviewed your privacy settings recently, it’s a good idea to do so now to make sure you’re happy with the information you’re sharing, and who has access to it. This is easy to do via the settings area on all social networks.

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