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Pure Telecom survey shows people would move home for better broadband

Broadband is a necessity for most people these days

The importance of broadband to people’s daily lives is only increasing as the years go by, and a new survey from Pure Telecom has shown just how far people are willing to go to get a decent connection.

In fact, half of people that don’t have adequate broadband speeds in their area said they would consider relocating for better and faster service.

People are also spending more and more time online. The survey found:

  • the average person spends 6 hours, 20 minutes per day using their broadband connection at home, and
  • people aged 16 to 21 typically spend 7 hours, 40 minutes online per day.

For those who have broadband, three-quarters said they were happy with their speeds, which is a significantly higher number than those that said they were satisfied with their speeds when Switcher.ie carried out research earlier this year.

It’s possible that one of the reasons for the improvement could be because almost nine in ten people surveyed said their home broadband speeds have remained the same or improved in the last 12 months.

Pure Telecom’s CEO, Paul Connell said that many of the people affected by poor access live in rural Ireland.

He added: “We need to help our rural communities thrive – not drive them into towns and cities because of internet problems. We hope that the National Broadband Plan will be announced and rolled out quickly so that people can access quality internet services no matter where they live.”

He also said that Pure Telecom is seeing a steady increase in the amount of bandwidth people are consuming – which signifies an increase in online activities - and concluded that, as that trend continues, “people are going to need ultra-reliable high speed internet access”.

Pure Telecom offers fibre-broadband with speeds of up to 1,000Mb in some areas across the country, and has over 45,000 customers so far.

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The research was carried out by Censuswide on behalf of Pure Telecom - 1,001 adults across Ireland were surveyed.