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Save €150 with Virgin Media's new broadband, TV and home phone discounts

There are great discounts on broadband and phone plans, too.

Virgin Media has just launched some new offers, including six month discounts on its broadband and phone, and broadband, phone and TV plans.

Save €150 on Virgin Media’s triple-play plans

Bundling your broadband, TV and home phone together will normally save you money, and Virgin Media has a number of these bundles available.

Depending on what broadband speed you want, and the TV channels you need, Virgin Media should have a plan to suit you.

The 240Mb Virgin Mix TV and Anytime Mobile plan is the most basic bundle. As well as unlimited broadband with speeds up to 240Mb, unlimited minuted to Irish mobiles and landlines, and over 50 channels, you’ll also get:

  • the ability to pause, rewind and record TV;
  • access to Virgin Movies and Box Sets; and
  • access to the Virgin TV Anywhere app, which allows you to watch your favourite TV on the move.

If you want more channels, you could opt for the 240Mb and Full House TV and Anytime Mobile plan, which comes with over 100 channels, as well as all of the benefits mentioned above. You could also opt to include Sky Sports, or Sky Cinema, if these are channels you can’t live without.

And, if you need an even faster broadband connection, you could decide to go for a 360Mb plan.

With Virgin Media’s new six-month discounts, you’ll make a saving of €150, if you opt for one of these plans.

Compare Virgin Media deals now

Prefer streaming content to watching TV channels?

If you’re someone who prefers to watch content on the likes of Netflix, rather than normal TV channels, you could save by moving to a broadband and phone deal.

Again, Virgin Media has a number of options available if you’d like to go for one of these plans - with broadband speeds of 240Mb and 360Mb available.

These plans are cheaper than opting for a triple-play deal, even when you factor in the cost of your preferred streaming service, like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The plans are currently reduced by €15 per month for six months, saving you €90 over the contract term.

Benefits of choosing Virgin Media

Aside from the wide range of plans, and discounts, available, there are some other benefits to choosing Virgin Media, too.

You can view and compare all Virgin Media plans and see if there’s one to suit you on their dedicated comparison page.