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SAVE €426 with Sky's new broadband, TV and phone deal

This is the best triple-play deal on the market at the moment

Today, Sky has launched some great new discounts, on both its standalone broadband and TV plans, and on its bundles.

Discounts on Sky’s broadband, TV and phone

Many people like to bundle their broadband, TV and home phone together, and if you require all three products, it makes sense - not only do you normally get a discount for doing so, you’ll also only have to deal with one provider in relation to your account and bills.

Sky’s new discount last for the full duration of the 12-month contract and could save you €426 over 12 months. After this, the price goes up to €84.50 per month.

The discount on Sky’s Original Bundle + Sky Fibre Unlimited and Talk Freetime bundle makes this the cheapest triple-play plan on the market at the moment, with a year 1 cost of €588. In relation to comparable plans from other providers:

If you want a plan with more channels, you could decide to opt for the Sky Variety TV Bundle + Sky Fibre Unlimited & Talk Freetime plan, which has over 100 channels, or you could decide to add on Sky Sports, Sky Movies - or both - depending on your interests.

There are discounts on all of these Sky bundles until Thursday 9th November, so don’t delay if you want to make savings.

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25% off Sky TV and discounts on Sky Fibre

If you aren’t interested in bundling, don’t despair, as there are still some savings to be made on standalone products, too.

Firstly, there’s 25% off Sky TV for 12 months, which could save you €111 on the Sky Variety TV bundle.

Meanwhile, if you’re someone who prefers to stream content via the likes of Netflix, you could opt for Sky Fibre, which is also discounted for the first 12 months - saving you €192.

This saving would more than cover your Netflix subscription for the year - even if you opt for the premium version. This comes in at €13.99 per month and gives you HD and Ultra HD, as well as the ability to watch on 4 different screens at the same time.

Sign up to Sky now and save

If you’re interested in any of these Sky deals, make sure you sign-up before 9 November in order to avail of these discounts. The extra cash could come in handy in the run-up to the festive season!