Virgin Media Bye Bye January blues banner

Sign up to a Virgin Media broadband bundle and get January 2018 FREE

This offer applies to anyone signing up between now and 14 December.

We’ve been hit with price hikes from the four major broadband providers, as well as several energy price increases over the past few months, and, traditionally, we tend to have to wait for the January sales before we see new deals coming along.

However, Virgin Media have come up with a pre-Christmas offer, which is well worth a look, if you’re considering a new broadband package.

Get January on Virgin Media

Anyone signing up to a Virgin Media broadband and phone, broadband and TV, or broadband, TV and phone plan between now and 14 December will get their January 2018 bill FREE.

There are loads of plans to choose from, so if you are interested, you’ll need to decide between 240Mb or 360Mb unlimited broadband, as well as whether you want to add on a TV or phone package, or both.

If you’re someone who likes to stream content, going for a broadband and phone plan could work for you.

If you can’t live without your TV, however, Virgin TV won’t disappoint, with:

  • the ability to pause, rewind & record live TV;
  • catch up on your favourite programmes using Virgin TV;
  • record four programmes at once; and
  • access to Virgin Media Movies and Box Sets.

Get your new broadband plan from Virgin Media by Christmas

Virgin Media can offer installation right up until Christmas Eve, which means that if you sign up to this offer, you could have your new package up and running for Christmas.

Remember, if you are signing up, you’ll need to give the necessary notice to your current provider, so make sure to contact them as soon as possible to ensure you’re free to switch and you don’t end up facing extra charges.

How does the offer actually work?

It’s all very straightforward. Once you sign up by 14 December, Virgin Media will apply a credit to your January 2018 bill which matches the monthly amount of your bundle.

It’s worth noting that charges for any movie rentals, non-bundle rate calls or Premium services will be charged as extra and not included in the credit.

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