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Sign up to certain Virgin Media bundles and get €50 off your second bill

The offer is open to anyone who applies by midnight on 27 March.

Only about a quarter of us switch our broadband per year. This means many of us are missing out on potential savings, as broadband providers generally offer the best deals to new customers switching to their plans.

If you haven’t switched in a while, taking some time to compare deals now could be really worthwhile, as you could save hundreds of euro by doing so. And, if you choose to switch to a Virgin Media plan between now and midnight on 27 March, you’ll also get €50 off your second bill.

Virgin Media’s broadband and phone plans

Virgin Media was voted Fastest Broadband Provider at the 2018 Switcher.ie Awards, which means its customers who used our speed test achieved higher speeds on average than any other provider.

If you’re happy to go for a broadband and phone plan, Virgin Media has loads of options - and the superfast broadband means you’ll be able to stream content on the likes of Netflix or NOW TV without any annoying buffering issues.

When you’re comparing broadband and phone plans from Virgin Media, you’ll just need to decide whether you want to opt for broadband with speeds of up to 240Mbps or 360Mbps, and then choose which kind of phone plan you want.

Virgin Media’s broadband, phone and TV plans

If you can’t live without your TV, on top of you broadband and phone, then a triple-play bundle is the best bet for you - and will normally save you money when compared to getting each element separately.

You can currently save €300 on all of Virgin Media’s triple-play deals, and - for a limited time - you’ll get €50 off your second bill, too.

Virgin TV comes with Virgin Catch-Up TV, Virgin Media remote record, Virgin TV Anywhere, and pause, rewind, and remote record facilities as standard.

Anyone signing up will also get access to Virgin Movies and Box Sets, which means access thousands of hours of box sets at no extra cost.

Sign up before 28 March to get an additional €50 off

Don’t forget, this €50 deal is only available to anyone signing up by midnight on 27 March.

Once you’ve signed up, Virgin Media will apply a €50 credit to your second bill. However, it’s worth noting that if you downgrade or cancel the service during this time you won’t be able to avail of the credit.

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