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Sky celebrates release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars remote controls available in addition to the movie franchise on Sky Movies

Sky has launched a Star Wars remote control to celebrate the franchise coming to Sky Movies.

Fans of the sci-fi saga can watch the first six films of the Star Wars movie collection of Sky and can pick from a choice of ten branded Sky remotes featuring one of the main characters.

Building on the hype surrounding the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in cinema’s across Ireland on 17 December, Sky will also screen an exclusive live programme from the premiere of the new film.

Stars from the original trilogy including Mark Hammill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher were all present in Los Angeles for the screening, alongside new faces John Boyega and Daisy Ridley.

Special Star Wars remote controls

Darth Vader, Han Solo, R2-D2, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are among the characters to feature on the new Star Wars remote controls.

Others include Storm Troopers and C-3PO, giving fans an opportunity to have their favourite characters in their living rooms.

Meanwhile a dedicated Star Wars channel will be available on Sky Movies channel 303 until 3 January for any fans wanting to watch the saga.

The complete Star Wars movie collection will be available On Demand on Sky Go so Sky Movies customers can enjoy the action anywhere they please.

Relive the saga on Sky Movies

Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies, said Sky was keen to build on the success of Sky Movies Harry Potter in late October.

“We are excited to bring our next big activity – Sky Movies Star Wars to our customers in time for Christmas,” he explained.

“Families can settle down over the festive period to watch one of the greatest movie franchises and one that has touched generations of fans whenever they want.”

The Star Wars remote controls can be purchased from Sky customer services for €29.99 each.

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