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Sky Ireland to introduce Now TV

Sky plan to bring popular Now TV online streaming service to Ireland

Close on heels on launching Now TV in the UK last summer, Broadcast Sky is all set to launch the offering in Ireland as well.

Now TV offers subscribers the facility to stream movies over their mobile devices and computers.

Now TV’s entry would directly challenge Netflix, which launched a similar streaming service early last year, and already has over one million subscribers in UK and Ireland.

Sky plans to leverage its deals with Hollywood studios that allow it to show films a year before they become available on Netflix.Sky Ireland’s entry would also pose a challenge to entrenched rental chains such as Xtra-vision, among others.

Pricing would have a big say in consumers streaming movies through Now TV. In the UK, Now TV offers unlimited streaming for 15 pounds a month, on a range of selected channels.

There is a special discounted rate for the first three months after sign up. Subscribers also have the option of selecting movies from a library to watch at their convenience, without any minimum contract length.

Now TV initially offered subscribers a pay-per-view option, at a rate ranging from £0.99 to £3.49 for a movie, but they have discontinued this offer temporarily, and do not plan to re-launch the same until late this year. Sky Ireland is yet to disclose its pricing options.

Apart from the launch in Ireland, the specific date of which remains unconfirmed, Sky also plans to introduce its sports channels on Now TV later this year.

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