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Virgin Media announce game changing new 'Smart WiFi'

Exciting news for Virgin Media customers as the development of technical innovations set to enhance broadband experience.

Virgin Media Ireland has unveiled ground-breaking upgrades to their In-Home WiFi Hub with the revolutionary technology activated in all customers’ WiFi hubs automatically by the end of this week.

What does this mean for Virgin Media customers?

This development will provide all Virgin customers with Ireland’s fastest widely available broadband speeds in more areas of their home with additional features such as Airtime Fairness and Channel Optimisation.

Channel Optimisation is an innovative addition to the Virgin Media modem that will automatically change WiFi channels. The system chooses channels with the least amount of interference ensuring the best connectivity and fastest service is obtained by all devices being used in the home. Airtime Fairness is a second addition that will ensure equal allocation of airtime to connected devices an ensure they achieve their highest possible speeds.

Virgin Media says that the number of in-home connected devices is predicted to increase from currently ten devices to an average of fifty devices by 2020.

Speaking of the new ‘Smart Wifi’, Ruairi McGowan, Product Manager for Connectivity at Virgin Media Ireland advises “What we’re focusing on now is the inner workings of the box and future proofing what is to come to ensure it can cope with anything our customers may throw at us in the coming years.”

“What we aim to do with this upgrade is ensure our customers will never need to look at ways to improve their WiFi connection or consider rebooting their modem, as it will all be done for them through our smart hub.”

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New systems will be fully activated for all Virgin Media WiFi Hub owners from this Thursday, May 16th.