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Virgin Media to air Ash Vs Evil Dead exclusively to Horizon TV customers

STARZ Original cult TV available on Horizon TV My Prime service from start of December

Virgin Media Ireland has revealed cult TV show Ash Vs Evil Dead is exclusively available for Horizon TV customers via the My Prime Service.

An exclusive licensing deal means the provider can show the whole of the highly anticipated Starz Original series from the start of December.

The deal with Starz Digital – the global on demand licencing arm of Starz – means Horizon TV customers can enjoy each of the 30 minute long episodes at a time that suits them.

David Kent, Content Manager at Virgin Media, said the firm is “delighted” to be bringing Ash Vs Evil Dead exclusively to their customers.

He explained that adding new partners enables Virgin Media to create a better customer experience by “unlocking the power of the boxset”.

“Ash Vs Evil Dead is just the start for Virgin Media customers,” he added.

Ash vs Evil Dead TV show

Discovering the show

The show launched successfully in the US – to the extent that it already has a second season planned – and is an adaptation of the original The Evil Dead Movies.

The original filmmakers – Director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert and star Bruce Campbell – have helped produce Ash Vs Evil Dead, along with the help of executive producer Craig DiGregorio.

Campbell returns as Ash in the new series, and his role as a heroic chainsaw-handed monster hunter has not changed.

While he has spent 30 years avoiding the terrors of The Evil Dead, the new plot sees a ‘Deadite’ plague threatening mankind, leaving Ash to face up to his demons.

Virgin Media Horizon TV customers can access Ash Vs Evil Dead now via the My Prime service, which is available at no extra cost to viewers wishing to use it.

The first five episodes were made available on 1 December, with a new episode released every week so that the series mimics US broadcast air dates.

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