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Ireland in top 10 most expensive countries for broadband in Europe

… and broadband isn’t the only household utility that has Ireland at the most expensive end of the table.

In a report out today from, Ireland has been ranked as the ninth most expensive country in Europe for broadband.

After analysing 3,303 fixed-line broadband deals in 195 countries, before narrowing down to look only at countries in Europe, the data showed that Ireland’s average cost of broadband per month is $65.12 USD (€57.23). That’s almost €43 more expensive than the country with the cheapest broadband in Europe, Romania at €12.67 Euro ($14.42 USD) per month. The report also shows that the European country paying the most for broadband is Switzerland - forking out $80.00 USD (€70.31) a month.

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Commenting on the findings of the research internationally, Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms analyst at, said: “Despite many countries providing faster access year-on-year, and the price of broadband fluctuating – sometimes wildly – from country to country, on average the price of broadband worldwide remains largely unchanged…”

But broadband isn’t the only household utility that has Ireland finding itself at the most expensive end of the table. In August this year, a Eurostat report ranked the costs of gas and electricity for countries in the EU. When it comes to electricity, Ireland is the fourth most expensive EU nation behind Belgium, Denmark and Portugal, with the Emerald Isle paying just over 20 cent per kilowatt hour.

Unfortunately the story doesn’t get much better for Ireland when looking at gas prices - with the Republic coming in as the second most expensive country in the EU for gas, paying just under 10 cent per kilowatt hour. This is compared to Romania who have the cheapest gas prices in the EU at well under 5 cent per kilowatt hour.

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