SIRO logo in front of the Cliffs of Moher

SIRO and BT Ireland complete their first live 1GB broadband trial

The trial took place in Carrigaline, Co. Cork.

Yesterday - following the announcement of a network agreement late last year - SIRO and BT Ireland announced the successful completion of their first ‘live’ trial.

The trial connected a customer’s home in Carrigaline, Co. Cork to SIRO’s 1 Gigabit broadband network.

The successful trial means that multiple retail partners can now use this network to extend their reach across Ireland - which should mean greater choice and competition in the broadband market.

Shay Walsh, BT Ireland’s Managing Director said that completion of the trial was “an exciting development” in the company’s journey with SIRO.

He added that the partnership with SIRO is “taking the complexity out of matters for our customers, acting as a single point of contact for communication providers to gain access to the best technology available on the market”.

Adding to this, SIRO’s Commercial Director Ronan Whelan said the partnership enables “regional broadband providers to offer 1 Gigabit broadband services powered by SIRO to their customers, without having to make significant investments in building a fibre network”.

He says that this will mean increased choice for consumers, as the network agreement provides a platform for small and large operators to compete in the broadband market.

Bringing higher broadband speeds to more people across the country can only be a good thing - especially as the urban/rural divide rages on.

In fact, recent research from shows that less than half of us are satisfied with our broadband speeds. This comes as people are increasingly connecting multiple devices to their home broadband, and doing more and more tasks online that require fast, reliable broadband - like streaming.

If you’re not satisfied with the speeds you’re getting, firstly contact your provider and see if they can help.

If not, you may be able to get better broadband speeds by comparing offers and making a switch to a new provider - and you could save hundreds of euro, too!