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Unlimited free WiFi for hospitality customers with Bitbuzz Go

The Stillorgan Park Hotel is the first to introduce the service owned by UPC

Bitbuzz today announced the launch of their latest service, Bitbuzz Go, offering unlimited free WiFi to customers in hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars.

The company, which was acquired by UPC Ireland in December last year and is located in Dublin, specialises in managing WiFi hotspots across the hospitality industry.

UPC previously said that the acquisition of Bitbuzz contributed to an 8% jump in revenues during the first quarter of 2015.

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Customers were previously required to use vouchers or register a username and password to connect to WiFi.

With Bitbuzz Go, customers can simply click on the WiFi logo and follow the steps to activate the service.

In addition, internet usage will no longer be subjected to a cap, meaning that the hotel will not have to pay additional fees once their maximum usage level is reached and exceeded.

Daragh O’Neill, General Manager of Stillorgan Park Hotel, believes that WiFi is one of the key decision making factors for guests when choosing somewhere to stay.

“The new Bitbuzz Go gives us a significant competitive edge by allowing us to provide our guests with quality high-speed broadband, free of charge. This is what our customers have been demanding and we are delighted to now offer the service.”

Russell McQuillan, Business Development Director of Bitbuzz, said:

“This is a brilliant example of the many innovative services now available from Bitbuzz and will play an important role in removing barriers to better connectivity.”

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