The main broadband providers offering broadband deals in Ireland are
  • Digiweb,
  • eir,
  • Europasat,
  • Fastcom,
  • Imagine,
  • Magnet Networks,
  • Pure Telecom,
  • Sky,
  • Virgin Media, and
  • Vodafone

In today’s tech-savvy world, homes up and down the country are recognising the need for a home broadband connection.

There are plenty of broadband choices available to households, with different packages and services to suit every budget.

Home broadband considerations

The first thing to consider with home broadband is how much actual use people are going to get out of it – how many people and devices will be accessing the internet at any one time.

In most modern homes the chances are that there will be at least one or two people using the connection, but if you have a large family or live with lots of people the connection can subsequently become slow.

If this is the case for your household you might want to consider high-speed broadband that has the capacity to cope with multiple devices at once. It’s also a good idea to pick an unlimited package, as your usage will be higher with more users.

Compare unlimited broadband deals.

Is a wireless router required?

Contrary to what you might think, a wireless router is not necessary for all homes. If you only access the internet via one desktop PC then a connected router is all you need, and may actually offer a quicker connection than a wireless modem.

However, the majority of broadband users these days use a laptop, tablet or other mobile device to access the internet, all of which require a wireless router – especially if more than one person wants to go online at the same time.

Even if you don’t need a wireless router, the chances are you’ll be hard pressed to find a provider who doesn’t offer one!

Do you live with children?

The internet is full of content that is only suitable for adults, so if you’re concerned about your children using the web then choose a provider that offers parental controls.

Most providers in Ireland will allow you to set parental controls that automatically block certain types of website, meaning your children can go online safely.

Types of home broadband available in Ireland

Along with plenty of providers to choose from, there are lots of different types of home broadband available to households in Ireland. The one that’s best for you will depend on your individual situation and budget, so which should you choose?

ADSL broadband: This is the most common type of home broadband in Ireland, and uses existing technology found in every home to deliver speeds up to 24Mbps. This connection requires a home phone line to work.

Fibre-optic broadband: Fibre technology is the latest innovation in broadband and is being rolled out across the country through an expanding fibre optic network.

Using new technology, fibre-optic broadband is able to deliver speeds of up to 1000Mb, though it is only currently available in certain parts of the country.

Wireless broadband: Wireless broadband is not to be confused with 3G, 4G or mobile broadband; wires are still used to provide the connection, but devices are connected wirelessly via wireless router.

Mobile broadband: Mobile broadband providers use a 3G or 4G network to provide mobile devices with a connection, the speed of which will depend on location and mobile signal. This type of broadband is not usually used in homes, as the speed is often lower than traditional wireless connections.

Satellite broadband: This is an alternative to ADSL or fibre - optic broadband and is often used in rural or remote areas where traditional services aren’t available. Satellite broadband can provide an internet lifeline for those in remote areas and connection speeds have improved a lot of the years with this type of broadband service.