Broadband services are a fundamental part of a busy modern lifestyle and finding the best deals in a highly competitive market can often be difficult.

With a whole host of Irish broadband companies battling it out for custom, it is important to find the best Irish broadband deals that suit you.

Regardless of the type of connection you have, you are going to want a service that is both relatively fast and reliable.

Making the choice is by no means simple, so we aim to provide as much help as possible to help you decide which Irish broadband provider is right for you.

Irish broadband providers

With speeds of up to 1000Mb, eir is Ireland's fastest broadband provider and has spectacular deals combining broadband and calls, ensuring that top quality in Irish broadband services are on offer.

The fibre broadband packages produce a service that is quick and dependable while there is additional access to music and study content.

eir is in the process of spending millions of Euros on developing the infrastructure in Ireland so improvements to their services should be constant in the coming years.

Originally launched in 2004, Magnet offers its broadband services without a contract so customers are free to amend their packages however they like.

Both of its ‘Fatpipe’ fibre broadband packages include unlimited downloads and quick speeds to ensure top level service across Ireland.

There are plenty of packages on offer to meet any needs and the company is determined to make the process of bundling a package as simple as possible.

Digiweb have a vast selection of services available including ADSL broadband, satellite broadband and fibre broadband, ensuring that the best available service for an individual area is catered for.

The company promises super-fast broadband through its fibre broadband service which is available in many locations throughout Ireland.

Another company that also ties in phone calls with its packages, Imagine uses 4G WiMax technology as part of its broadband service.

This enables a constant broadband service that is capable of providing all the necessary aspects required for home internet use.

Pure Telecom
Pure Telecom is Irish owned company and has been providing fixed line and broadband services to Irish homes since 2002.

Customers can enjoy up to 100Mb unlimited super-fast broadband - even without a landline. Purely Broadband is a broadband only service that includes no landline fee, a free modem and free connection.

Types of broadband connection in Ireland

Broadband providers with Irish headquarters

VIrgin Media Ireland
One of Ireland’s leading providers of digital television is also in a fantastic position to offer top quality broadband services across the country.

Its fibre broadband packages offer great speeds, with up to 360Mb broadband available. All broadband packages comes with up to 360Mb download speeds as standard - more than adequate for most households.

Using their extensive network they can provide top-level services while their headquarters in Ireland can deal with any problems that may arise.

Sky Ireland
Sky can provide Irish broadband services to almost all areas of the country and has a whole host of bundles that can be used in conjunction with TV subscriptions.

Customers can pick between either capped or unlimited broadband usage, giving them the choice of picking the best services to suit their needs.

Sky fibre is super-fast and unlimited broadband. With speeds of up to 100Mb, customers can do what they want online without having to worry about download limits. There are no caps or hidden charges.

Types of broadband connection in Ireland

ADSL broadband
ADSL broadband can be at least ten times faster than dial-up internet and uses an existing phone line for connectivity.

However it doesn’t impact your phone line when connected to the internet so you’re free to surf and make calls all day long.

Compare the latest ADSL broadband deals.

Fibre broadband
Fibre broadband is a much quicker connection but is usually more expensive than ADSL broadband connections.

As a result it is one of the fastest available broadband services in Ireland although it does not cover all parts of the country. Its speeds continue to increase too, so previously unseen speeds could soon be available.

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Mobile broadband
There are plenty of options available with mobile broadband technology and with the introduction of fourth generation technology, these options are only going to get greater.

Connections will depend on individual devices and needs but most new phones have the ability to connect to the internet by default.

The use of a dongle can also mean this type of internet connection can be accessed on laptops and computers while download limits will depend on specific agreements with a provider.

Satellite broadband
Satellite broadband can reach all areas of the country and provide a broadband service to those who might not be able to get other forms of connection.

The weather can affect these connections but for those with no alternative it is a viable solution for their broadband needs. Providers in Ireland such a Q Sat and Digiweb make good use satellite broadband services, with its ability to reach far-flung regions of Ireland.

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