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What is a wireless router?

Internet routers can be wired or wireless. With the exception of 3G connections, it’s not the broadband connection or package that is wireless, it’s the type of router. Wired broadband routers are now becoming a thing of the past as most modern broadband packages come with the capability to connect to the internet via a wireless broadband router.

1. How do wireless routers work?

Instead of cabled routers which used to be the norm, a wireless router will receive the internet data through the phone line and then convert that data into radio signals. These signals are then picked up by the network card in your computer, smartphone or games console and transmitted into internet data again.

Many providers are now offering wireless routers for free as part of their broadband packages. Wireless broadband adoption is becoming more widespread in households in Ireland especially where multiple devices are being used to connect to the internet regularly.

2. Why go wireless?

Some modern devices, such as iPads and android tablets, can only be connected via wireless internet or 3G or 4G enabled devices. So if you’re still using a cabled router then you can’t access the internet on these devices.

It also means that if you’re using a laptop then you don’t have to be confined to a desk and can move around. Even getting access to the internet from your garden is not out of the question with a wireless connection in your house.

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3. What are the best wireless routers?

Whilst most internet providers in Ireland will often provide you with a standard wireless router for free, these might not always be the best available. Higher spec wireless routers can be purchased from major brands such as D-Link and Linksys, which can offer advantages such as a wider signal range for your wireless internet and the ability for faster wireless speeds, improving the speed of your internet to all your devices.

More reasons to choose a wireless router

  • Perfect for family use: Provides access to the internet for multiple users at home via multiple different devices.
  • Easy to install: Getting setup with wireless internet is easy and straightforward. Most connections can be set up in about five minutes. Once up and running other devices can connect to your secure wireless connection once permission to join has been authorised. For security reasons it is advisable to password protect your wireless broadband connection so that unauthorised users will not be able to access your connection.
  • No more wires: A wireless broadband connection will give you more freedom when it comes to being able to connect to the internet. No longer will you be limited to the restrictions that are bound by a wired connection. Also having less wires to deal with presents a simplified, hassle free and tidier solution for accessing the internet in your home.
  • VoIP calls: Can be used to make VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) calls.
  • Excellent combination with digital TV: Wireless connections are easier to operate in tandem with digital TV services. Both Sky and Virgin Media provide top quality wireless routers that go hand in hand with their broadband and digital TV offerings.

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