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What is wireless broadband?

As the name suggests, this form of a broadband connection is wireless which is commonly known as WiFi and is widely used in a lot of households in Ireland these days.

Since there are no cables involved, some people might confuse it with 3G broadband networks. But 3G broadband uses mobile networks while wireless broadband is connected to the router which provides internet signals in your computer without any wire or cable.

It must be kept in mind that a router is the key to your wireless connection and any phone line or any other connection can simply become wireless by replacing the router, so there is no need to spend extra money on a new broadband package.

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Wireless routers operate through:

Just like any phone, the router converts the incoming signals and broadcasts them around a specific area. These signals are then easily picked up by various devices which have wireless access enabled such as your gaming consoles, laptops and other gadgets which use these signals for a broadband connection.

Wireless broadband is ideal for:

  • A family which has a lot of members and all the members wish to use broadband at the same time.
  • Gamers who own wireless gaming consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360 can take full advantage of all that online gaming has to offer via a wireless connection.
  • People who enjoy surfing the web on laptops smartphones or tablets usually prefer the flexibility to be able to surf the web without the need to be stationary.

Whenever you purchase a broadband package, most providers in Ireland will provide free broadband routers as a free extra.

Although for some entry level wireless broadband deals you may need to pay a small fee for the router in addition to any monthly fee. The price of wireless routers can vary depending on quality and other technical specifications. 

Wireless is not the ideal connection if:

  • You are the only one who uses the connection to use the internet through a desktop computer placed in close proximity to the telephone line.
  • If you access broadband on the move as regularly as you do in the house then 3G mobile broadband may be your best option as it offers a greater level of flexibility for this requirement.

How to change your broadband to wireless

Normally after you sign your new contract your provider will issue you with a wireless router.

Setting up your new broadband connection is usually a straightforward process. The easy to use “plug and play” method for most wireless connections will allow you to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

If you do run into any trouble, most internet service providers in Ireland have excellent customer support services to help with setting up a wireless network. Customer support is readily available via most provider websites, and through dedicated telephone helplines.

3G mobile broadband

Mobile broadband, also known as 3G broadband represents the latest technology in wireless broadband. With mobile broadband, it is possible to access the internet while on the move almost anywhere. It allows you to access the internet on your laptop at home, on the move, or abroad.

Instead of accessing the internet using cables or wireless hotspots, broadband dongles or MiFi devices are used to connect to the internet. These devices rely on mobile signals that are used to connect to the Internet.

Advantages of mobile broadband dongles:

  • Not reliant on a source of electricity
  • Light, small and easy to carry
  • Are easy to transport and maintain

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