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What is wireless broadband?

With the amount of devices in a home nowadays, being able to connect to the internet wirelessly is increasingly important.

Wireless broadband is a term that people use to refer either to broadband that you can connect to via WiFi (so multiple devices can be connected at any one time), or mobile broadband, that works over a 3g or 4g network.

Wireless broadband providers in Ireland

The following providers offer broadband with a wireless router, so you can connect via WiFi:

Best wireless broadband deals

The cheapest wireless broadband package on the market at the moment is the Simply Broadband + Home Essentials package from Vodafone. Meanwhile, you can get the fastest wireless broadband from Virgin Media.

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My WiFi is slow, how can I improve it?

There are some really easy ways to improve your home WiFi - for example:

  • make sure the router is not encased in a cabinet or surrounded by things that may block the signal;
  • ensure the modem is not near devices that could interfere with it - like microwaves, baby monitors or cordless phones;
  • move the router into the room where you use the internet most; and/or
  • use a WiFi extender.

You can find out why you might have slow broadband speeds and how to improve your broadband speed with the simple tips in our guide to slow broadband.

Wifi Routers - what are they?

A router is a networking device that is connected to a modem and transmits WiFi signal throughout your home. Generally, your broadband provider will provide you with a WiFi router when you sign up to a plan with them, so you’ll be able to use your broadband on multiple devices throughout your home.

How to set up a WiFi connection

Setting up a WiFi connection at home is actually very straightforward. When you sign up for a wireless broadband plan, your new provider will come out to install your broadband, and will set your modem/router up for you.

Once that’s done, you’ll just need the network name and password - the installer will give this to you, but it can also often be found on the actual router itself - and then you’ll be able to sign into the network from any devices you wish.

If you’re already signed up to a wireless plan and you’re having issues with your WiFi, the best bet would be to call your provider’s customer care line as they might be able to give you advice, or send out a technician to have a look at your equipment.

What costs are involved with getting wireless broadband?

For most of us, monthly price will be the most important consideration when we’re trying to choose a wireless broadband plan. On top of this, make sure you consider set-up costs - some providers offer free installation, while with others there’ll be an upfront charge for installation and/or equipment.

What are the advantages/ disadvantages of wireless broadband?

The main advantage of wireless broadband is that you can connect multiple devices to the same broadband connection wirelessly. This is basically a must for most consumers nowadays, and is particularly important for large families, gamers, and students, or other people living in shared accommodation.

There aren’t many disadvantages with this kind of broadband, although you will notice that connecting multiple devices will probably have an impact on the broadband speed you get.

What are wireless broadband speeds like?

At the moment, widely-available plans that come with wireless broadband routers have speeds up to 500Mb, but there are even plans available with speeds of up to 1,000Mbps in some areas. Remember, if you’re connecting via WiFi, rather than plugging in directly to the modem, you’re likely to get speeds that are considerably slower than the maximum advertised speed.

How can I get wireless broadband? Is it available in my area?

If you want to get a wireless broadband package, first of all take a look at our wireless broadband comparison to see what deals are out there - you can even enter details of your town to see the specific deals available where you live.

When you’re reviewing plans, think about price, broadband speed, contract length, and discount period, and consider whether you want to go for a broadband-only plan or you’d like to opt for a broadband and TV or broadband and phone package.

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