A guide to TV movie packages

If you’re a real movie fan, the chances are that - when you’re signing up for a TV package - you’re going to want at least some movie channels, or on-demand movies, included.

We’ve got all of the information you need to help you choose the right TV provider for your movie needs.

Which TV providers offer movie packages?

There are four TV providers in Ireland - eir, Sky, Virgin Media, and Vodafone.

Only Sky offers standalone TV deals - with eir, Virgin Media and Vodafone you’ll need to sign up to a broadband package in order to avail of a TV plan.

All of these providers offer some movie channels as part of their packages, and some also offer on-demand movie content. You can also add-on Sky Cinema to TV plans from each of these providers.

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Which movie TV provider is the best?

The TV provider that will work best for you in terms of movies will depend on what movie channels you want. Here’s what each one offers:

  • eir TV customers will get access to Film 4 and TCM as standard. You can also choose to add on Sky Cinema, for an additional monthly charge.
  • Sky TV customers will get B4U Movies and Movie 24 included in their bundle free of charge. In addition, Sky has hundreds of movies available on demand, while you can also buy and keep movies from the Sky Store, which will then be added to your Sky Q box. If that’s not enough content, you could opt for the Sky Signature with Sky Cinema plan, which also has all of the dedicated Sky Cinema channels included.
  • With Virgin Media TV you’ll get Film 4 included as standard, as well as lots of movies which you can watch on-demand for free. You can also rent the latest movies through your Virgin TV box at the touch of a button. And, once again, if you need even more movies, why not consider adding on Sky Cinema to your Virgin TV package?
  • If you’re a Vodafone broadband and TV customer, you’ll get Film 4 included in your plan as standard. You can also choose to add on Sky Cinema, for an additional monthly charge.

What channels are included with Sky Cinema?

If you do decide to go for the Sky Cinema add-on with your TV package, you’ll get 11 dedicated Sky Cinema channels - including Sky Cinema Premiere, Sky Cinema Greats and Sky Cinema Comedy - plus pop-up channels dedicated to stars, themes and events, and thousands of movies on demand.

What about streaming movies?

If you don’t want to opt for Sky Cinema with your TV package - or you don’t want a traditional TV package at all, preferring to go with a broadband-only plan - you might want to sign-up to a streaming service to get your movie fix.

The main ones available in Ireland are:

At the moment, Netflix and the Sky Cinema Pass from NOW TV have the best movie content.

If you’re an eir, Virgin Media or Vodafone TV customer, and you have a Netflix account, remember you can sign into Netflix directly through your TV box, which is really handy.

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