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Rural WiFi Fibre 500
Speed (up to)*
24 month
First-year cost
per month
for 6 months, then €57p/m
You save €120
Rural WiFi Fibre 1000
Speed (up to)*
24 month
First-year cost
per month
for 6 months, then €62p/m
You save €120
* The “Speed (average)” displayed represents the speed available to at least 50% of customers. The “Speed (absolute)” displayed represents the speed available to customers for the advertised plan. Where a provider has not given an “average speed or absolute” speed, the maximum possible speed for the advertised plan is displayed as “up to”. Broadband product availability is subject to location.

Why choose Rural Wifi?

Rural Wifi is a family-run Irish company that offers broadband options across Ireland.

Here’s just some of the reasons to choose Rural Wifi:

  • 100% connectivity across Ireland
  • A choice of connections, including Fibre, 5G, Wireless and Satellite
  • Affordable broadband solutions for rural and remote locations
  • Dedicated Irish support team available by phone, email or WhatsApp
  • Six month introductory discounts

Rural Wifi broadband plans

We compare several part fibre and full fibre plans from Rural Wifi with speeds ranging from 100Mb to 1GB, all with a six month discount.

  • Rural Wifi 100
  • Rural Wifi Fibre 500
  • Rural Wifi Fibre 1000

How to switch to Rural Wifi

Switching to Rural Wifi is quick and easy. Just choose a plan and provide a few contact details.

What happens next?

  1. We’ll email you confirming the details of your order
  2. You’ll receive a phone call from Rural Wifi
  3. They’ll confirm you are in a service area for your chosen plan and complete your order

You can cancel your switch within 14 days if you change your mind. Once the transfer is completed, you can cancel any Direct Debits with your current provider.

Please read our guide on How to switch broadband providers to ensure your move is hassle-free.

Rural Wifi FAQs

How does satellite broadband work?

If you can’t connect to broadband infrastructure because you live in a remote or rural location, satellite broadband offers an alternative solution.

Satellite broadband works by installing a satellite dish in your home. The dish sends and receives data to and from a satellite in space. In turn, the data transmits to your devices via your Wi-Fi router, just like standard broadband.

Can I get broadband without a landline?

Yes, while some types of broadband like part fibre or ADSL use your phone line to deliver broadband, there are alternatives if you don’t have one.

If you don’t want a landline or can’t have one, there are other types of broadband connection available in Ireland, such as:

What is the phone number for Rural Wifi?

Rural WiFi’s phone number is 01 211 86 53. You can also contact them via email, WhatsApp, Chat, or their social media channels.

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