AIB credit cards

AIB offers a choice of credit cards for every need. Whether you’re a student or a high earner, AIB has tailored a credit card to match your lifestyle.

What credit cards do AIB offer?

You can choose from simple, low rate credit cards or credit cards that reward you for spending and offers exclusive benefits. Their range of credit cards includes:

  • AIB CLICK Visa: A flexible and low cost credit option with no annual fee.
  • ‘be’ Visa: Which offers a special introductory rate on purchases and balance transfers.
  • Platinum Visa: If you’re earning over €40,000 and want rewards for spending, this card could suit you, it offers exclusive benefits and cashback.
  • AIB Student Visa: Designed for student life with a special introductory rate on purchases for the first 12 months.

Why choose an AIB credit card?

AIB is Ireland’s most popular bank, it offers market-leading interest rates and a choice of benefits like introductory discounts and rewards for their customers. Here’s a few other reasons to choose a credit card from AIB:

  • No annual fees: AIB don’t charge account fees for any of their cards*
  • Special introductory interest rates: AIB offers discounted rates for 12 months on their Platinum, Student and ‘be’ Visa card.
  • Up to 56 days interest-free credit: Pay no interest at all if you pay your balance in full and on time each month.
  • Emergency cash service: If you lose your card at home or abroad, AIB will cancel your card. If you are abroad they can provide you with an Emergency Cash Advance Facility within 48 hours in most countries.

* You’ll still need to pay government stamp duty of €30.00 every year per credit card account.

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Allied Irish Banks, p.l.c. is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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Typical Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on purchases of €1,500 and a credit limit of €1,500 plus annual Government Stamp Duty of €30. Data valid as of 23/11/2023