PTSB credit cards

The PTSB credit card comes with both 0% balance transfers and purchases. So whether you’re focused on spending or looking to pay off another card, it could work for you.

About the ICE Visa credit card

Here are some of the card’s highlights:

  • Credit limits of €1,000 to €74,999, depending on your circumstances
  • Approval in minutes via the app* on balances up to €10,000
  • Choose a monthly repayment date to suit you
  • Use Apple pay, without the €50 limit
  • Online shopping protection with Verified by Visa

*You must be an existing current account holder, have your salary paid into the account and be registered for online banking, Open24.

How to apply for a PTSB credit card

Existing customers who are registered for Open24, the PTSB online banking service, can simply apply via the app.

This is the quickest way to apply and could mean being approved in minutes.

If you’re a new customer or not registered for Open24 you can apply:

  • In branch: Visit your local branch and speak to an adviser in person.
  • By phone: Call the PTSB team.
  • By post: Photocopies of ID are acceptable for postal applications.

In all of these cases, you’ll need to complete an application form which can be posted to you in advance.

The ID needed varies depending on your individual circumstances. Here’s more about the PTSB document requirements.

Before you apply, see if this card is right for you by comparing its features against other cards using our comparison.

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More about PTSB

Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, PTSB is a leading Irish bank with a network of 98 branches across Ireland. There’s also a support centre in Dublin that’s open seven days a week (excluding bank holidays).

They offer a range of products suitable for day-to-day banking, saving and investing, borrowing, insurance and business banking. So, whether you’re looking for your first debit card, are saving for your wedding, or want to invest in property, there’s a product that could fit your needs.

PTSB credit card FAQs

Can I increase my PTSB credit card's limit?

Yes if you meet PTSB’s criteria. If you’re interested in applying for a higher credit limit, visit your local branch.

They can review your current credit situation and decide if it’s possible to increase your credit limit. They will assess things like your income, outgoings and any other credit you have.

Will I be charged Government Stamp Duty twice if I switch card providers?

No. When you request to close your account, you’ll have to pay €30 Government Stamp Duty (GSD) but your provider should give you a letter confirming you’ve paid it.

You must forward this to the provider you’re switching to, in this case the permanent tsb Visa Department, to ensure you don’t pay twice.

Do I have to pay fees with a PTSB credit card?

There is no set up fee or monthly for the card but you’ll have to pay the annual Government Stamp Duty charge of €30.

There are also fees applied in different situations, for example:

  • Making a late payment
  • Withdrawing cash (cash advance)
  • Going over your credit limit
  • If you lose your card or it’s stolen

Here’s more information about the fees that apply and how much they cost.

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Typical Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on purchases of €1,500 and a credit limit of €1,500 plus annual Government Stamp Duty of €30. Data valid as of 24/05/2024