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Finding a great broadband deal is quick and easy with our most popular compare broadband pages. Simply click on a page below to find your top 10 broadband deals. Whether you’re looking for cheap broadband, fibre broadband or a home phone and TV bundle we have the best deals for you.

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Compare Broadband in Ireland

It can be tough to know where to start when you’re comparing broadband deals. Luckily, whether you’re looking for cheap broadband, fibre broadband, or you want to bundle your home phone, digital TV and broadband together,’s broadband comparison pages can help.

How to compare broadband deals

When comparing broadband deals, most people say price is the most important factor they consider, followed closely by broadband speed, so those can be a good starting point. Remember, while there are plenty of broadband providers and packages available in Ireland, your choice could be restricted by where you live - check out’s local area comparisons, which will clearly show you the options available in your area.

When you’re comparing deals, make sure to think about:

  • What broadband speed you need - this will determine the type of broadband you go for
  • The total monthly cost - particularly the ongoing cost after any initial discount
  • The download limit (if any)
  • The minimum contract length - generally these range from 12-18 months, but there are also some contract-free options available
  • Whether you want to bundle your broadband with TV and/or home phone

Comparing broadband packages - do you want to include TV and/or phone?

Some people find that bundling products - i.e. getting phone, broadband and TV from the one provider - works out better for them, as they only have to deal with one provider for all of these services. It’s also possible to get decent discounts by opting to bundle.

Compare broadband and TV packages

If you can’t live without your TV package, consider bundling this up with your broadband. When you’re comparing broadband and TV bundles, you’ll need to consider what channels you want and whether you need access to features like multi-room, on-demand viewing and the ability to pause, rewind and record. You could also choose to add on the likes of Sky Cinema or sports channels if these are of interest to you.

Compare broadband and home phone packages

If you don’t need a TV plan but want to find a cheap broadband and phone deal, don’t forget to look at the calls package that’s included with the plan before signing up. Some plans have unlimited calls to mobiles and landlines, while others only include one or the other, and some packages only include calls made at a certain time of day.

Compare digital TV packages

You might prefer to opt for separate TV and broadband for some reason, for example if the TV provider you really like doesn’t offer high enough broadband speeds for you - if so, our Digital TV comparison can help you get started.

Compare broadband providers

Choosing the right broadband provider will depend on what you’re looking for - some offer standalone broadband plans, while others have bundles with TV and/or phone included. The most important thing to remember is that - once you’re out of your contract’s minimum term - you’ll make significant savings by switching broadband provider. A new provider could also offer you:

  • Faster download speeds
  • Larger download limits
  • Better customer service
  • Additional benefits, like free Netflix or sports channels.

Switching broadband FAQs - what you need to know

Are there any hidden costs to switching?

There are no hidden costs - what you’ll pay is the monthly charge you see listed on and any installation fees.

However, be sure to check what the cost of the package is after the discount period - if there is one - so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

You should also make sure you’re out of contract before deciding to switch, as if you are still in contract most providers will require you to pay an early termination charge.

Can I keep my phone number?

According to ComReg, it is possible to keep your landline number when moving to a new address, as long as the new location is serviced by the same telephone exchange.

Do I cancel with my current provider before switching?

You will need to give your provider the relevant notice in order to ensure you can switch without any penalties and arrange a date to close off your account.

How do I compare broadband?

With’s broadband deal checker, you can easily find out the broadband deals available. The tool allows you to compare the plans across things like cost per month/year, broadband speed, providers and bundles. This makes is really easy to find the deal that best meets your needs.

I've decided on a new broadband provider/deal - what's next?

So, you’ve decided to switch, and submitted an application form for your new broadband product.

Soon, you’ll hear from your new provider, who’ll confirm your application and may ask you for some additional details to help to set up your account with them.

You are then responsible for cancelling your broadband account with your current provider when you decide to make a switch to a new provider. You will need to give your current broadband provider the relevant notice - as stated in your contract - in order to ensure you can switch without any penalties.

When you contact your current provider, you should also arrange a date to close off your account. Once the account is closed off, you can then cancel all Direct Debits to this provider.

You should also agree an installation date with your new provider, to ensure you avoid any interruption in broadband service.