Broadband jargon can be frustrating when you just want to know what all the tech-speak means. ADSL is a term that frequently appears in articles and adverts about broadband, but what does it mean exactly?

ADSL is one very important aspect of broadband that needs to be understood by anyone comparing ADSL broadband packages. Put simply, ADSL is, in Ireland, the most popular type of connection.

Simply put, ADSL broadband stands for:

Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line

ADSL broadband - how it functions

ADSL broadband is connected by copper wires running through a phone line. For most households, ADSL home broadband is the standard type of connection. More recently, however, the faster ADSL 2 has surfaced, along with cutting edge technology such as fibre optic broadband.

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After ADSL broadband has been installed, the frequency of your phone line is then separated by a microfilter. This is achieved by your phone connection having the microfilter plugged into it. Because of the microfilter you are able to talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time.

Connecting to the internet is made easy via ADSL broadband connections as the technology is widely used and in place throughout Ireland.

Types of ADSL broadband deals

As most internet service providers can offer either an ADSL or an ADSL 2 broadband service, this means there is fierce competition in terms of gaining new customers. Low prices and really good new deals, which appear on a monthly basis, has been the result of this competition.

You may also benefit from other offers from ISPs, including free landline calls and free hardware, and high quality security software.

Users with an ADSL broadband connection can utilise fast broadband speeds, which can go up to 8Mb. More information on fast ADSL broadband and price comparisons of all the fast ADSL broadband packages is available here.

The main ADSL broadband providers in Ireland

If you have concerns mainly about price, Sky, eir, Pure Telecom and Vodafone offer tempting ADSL broadband packages. If you are a frequent user of the Internet and want to make the most of ADSL, then packages that offer unlimited downloads at high speed may appeal more.