Broadband is a constantly growing market in Ireland, as new technology brings faster speeds and more reliable connections.

This is great news for consumers, of course, as increased competition means lower prices and better service as providers clamour for the attention of users.

With so many providers now in the market, more and more of them are offering tantalising deals to try and entice new customers. There are now so many different broadband deals and offers available that there is something to suit everyone, on any budget.

Whether it’s multi-device support you are after, or a bundle that includes other entertainment options, there is a broadband deal out there for you.

Family broadband deals

If you are looking for a broadband deal that’s right for your family, then you’ll probably be after one that supports multiple devices.

The best broadband offer for a family home is likely to be one that comes with a wireless router, allowing any number of users to go online at the same time. Packages that feature unlimited downloads are also suitable for families, as a family home is likely to have high usage.

Compare unlimited broadband deals.

Bargain hunters

For those who are willing to put in the work and shop around, there are some great broadband deals and offers to be had.

There are those that come with low monthly costs and no initial set-up fee, while others offer freebies as part of the deal.

This can be things like free access to public Wi-Fi or free PC virus protection for a period of time.


If it’s online gaming that you are a fan of then high-speed internet is probably the most important feature to look out for.

This is a growing industry in Ireland and super-fast high-speed connections are not available everywhere, but high-speed networks are expanding all the time. Gamers should keep a look out for high-speed network upgrades in their areas.

What to look for in broadband deals

There are numerous different factors to consider when choosing the right broadband deal for your household, but there are essentially four main areas you need to think about.

  • Speed: The speed of a broadband connection is important if you know you’ll be downloading lots of music or films, or if you plan on doing a lot online gaming.
  • Downloads: The download limit is vitally important if multiple devices are likely to be in use at home.
  • Contract length: If you think your circumstances may change within the next year then look for shorter contract lengths.
  • Price: This is an obvious one – everybody wants as low a price as possible! But remember that paying a bit more could give you extra benefits.

Broadband providers in Ireland

There are a number of providers in Ireland who offer all manner of different broadband deals and offers, with differing contract lengths, download speeds and monthly costs to choose from.

Virgin Media
Virgin Media is one of the most popular broadband providers in Ireland and is expanding its superfast fibre optic broadband network all the time, offering speeds of up to 360Mbps.

Sky's extensive TV offering make it a great provider for anyone looking for broadband and TV bundles, as it has a number of different TV, broadband and call packages to choose from.

As well as providing Ireland's fastest fibre broadband speeds of up to 1000Mb, broadband deals with eir come with a free superior Wi-Fi modem, free connection and free parental controls.

Vodafone's fibre broadband network is growing all the time, so if you’re after super-fast speeds then get in touch. The provider offers unlimited broadband usage allowance and a free modem and installation.

Pure Telecom
As well as providing fibre broadband speeds up to 100Mbps and unlimited anytime calls, broadband deals with Pure Telecom offers customers Purely Broadband which is perfect for users who don’t want the cost of a landline.

Magnet's super-fast fibre broadband network offers speeds of up to 100Mbps, while all of its broadband deals come with unlimited usage as standard. Magnet also provide Irelands only no contract fibre broadband packages.