Usually, broadband deals require a 12 or even 18-month contract which can be considerably longer than what is required.

Not only can this be inconvenient at times, it also limits your options should you dislike the service you’ve just joined or should you find a better deal shortly afterwards.

For students who only require the connection during term time, this is especially an issue. Disconnection fees with many internet service providers are generally expensive as a means of deterring customers from doing so and this makes signing up to a broadband service a big commitment.

However, new short-contract broadband deals and no contract broadband packages can provide a solution that provides a lot more freedom.

Short-contract broadband suits:

  • Those moving house who do not need or want a long contract
  • Students who only require term-time broadband
  • Those who constantly want to find the best deals

The downside of such moves is that connection charges and upfront fees are often charged, while ISPs tend to charge more for no contract broadband services.

What you can expect from a no contract or short-contract broadband deal:

  • A deal that works on a rolling basis – either without a contract or one that lasts for one month or three.
  • No disconnection fees when you want to end the contract
  • The opportunity to find better deals before you commit to a provider

More ISPs are starting to offer short-term and no contract broadband deals and this competition is driving prices down.

By comparing available deals on our no-contract and short-term broadband comparison page you’ll be able to find a deal that’s just right for you.

No contract broadband providers in Ireland


Currently Magnet are the only no-contract broadband provider in Ireland.

Fatpipe Fibre 24 broadband and Fatpipe Fibre 100 broadband are both offered on a no contract basis from Magnet.

The internet service provider offers its fibre optic broadband at two speeds – 24Mb and 100Mb – with unlimited downloads as part of both deals.

Both offerings give you fast broadband services that can suit a lifestyle that is on-the-go and is capable of streaming and downloading all of your favourite content.

The infrastructure across Ireland supports the use of Fatpipe Fibre 24 and Fatpipe Fibre 100 packages in the majority of urban locations as well as selected rural areas.

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