In today's competitive broadband environment, companies are always aiming to give consumers the best deal possible when it comes to meeting their needs. Over the years providers have expanded on their broadband offerings to include multiple product options in one handy bundle. This guide will discuss packages and bundles and their benefits.

When you are talking about broadband bundles in Ireland, you need to understand that there are ways of saving money but equally you can lose money too by not choosing the correct broadband package for you. The best way for you to avoid losing money, is to make sure that you fully understand your needs and then relate these needs to the packages that are offered by the various providers.

In the current economic climate, everyone is looking for a way to save a little cash. Read this guide to pick up some useful tips for comparing broadband bundles.

Popular triple and quad play providers:

  • Virgin Media Ireland: Renowned for providing superfast fibre optic broadband, TV, home phone services and mobile. Virgin Media have an extensive range of broadband packages to cater for all needs.
  • Sky: Famous for their digital TV services, Sky also provides 100Mb unlimited fibre broadband and phone services to customers. Sky Fibre Unlimited does not have a fair usage policy or traffic management policy, allowing you to download as much as you want, whenever you want.
  • eir: The fastest broadband provider in Ireland and the first quad player in the Irish market, eir provides a range of highly competitive broadband deals and lots of additional add ons to choose from.

Broadband bundles - what you can get:

Typically, most broadband providers in Ireland will offer broadband only deals as well as options to purchase broadband with one or more of the following:

  • Digital TV
  • Home phone
  • Mobile phone

Broadband and home phone:

The providers listed below also provide a wide range of great value broadband and home phone packages, suitable for installation in most homes across the country.

  • Vodafone: Low cost calls and reliable broadband service all round, Vodafone's home phone and broadband packages represent great value for money.
  • Pure Telecom: Pure Telecom's broadband includes 100Mb download speeds, and a connection that's always on. Customers can also enjoy unlimited anytime calls to Irish landlines.
  • Digiweb: With Digiweb, you can get inclusive local, national and UK fixed line calls at evenings and weekends, plus up to 100Mbps download speeds and 20Mbps upload speeds for broadband.
  • Imagine: Cost effective call rates to local, national and selected international destinations, combined with 4G WiMax broadband, makes Imagine a great choice for consumers.

Compare broadband and home phone deals

Broadband bundles - the different types of options:

Some different broadband bundle options available Ireland include:

  • Broadband and home phone.
  • Broadband, home phone and digital TV.
  • Broadband and digital TV.
  • Broadband and free wireless router.
  • Broadband and free gifts bundles.

Features included in broadband bundles will vary depending on:

  • Setup and activation costs
  • Inclusion of hardware (wireless routers)
  • Inclusion of software (Internet protection software)
  • Customer Care facilities (free? Call centre responsiveness? Online?)

Remember, it is always wise to compare the various broadband bundles on offer from each provider. Just because a broadband bundle may suit some people, doesn’t mean it will suit the needs of all. Its important to compare the various features and the difference in price when it comes to choosing the right broadband bundle for you.

No need for a broadband bundle? Compare our Broadband only deals.